Nebraska Revised Statute 54-641

Chapter 54


Licensees; primary enclosures; requirements.

The primary enclosures of all licensees shall meet the following requirements:

(1) A primary enclosure shall provide adequate space appropriate to the age, size, weight, and breed of each dog or cat. For purposes of this subdivision, adequate space means sufficient room to allow each dog or cat to turn around without touching another animal, to stand, sit, and lie in a comfortable, normal position, and to walk in a normal manner without the head of such animal touching the top of the enclosure, which shall be at least six inches above the head of the tallest animal when the animal is standing;

(2) A primary enclosure shall have solid surface flooring or a flooring material that protects the dogs' and cats' feet and legs from injury and that, if of mesh or slatted construction, do not allow the dogs' and cats' feet to pass through any openings in the floor;

(3) If a primary enclosure has a suspended floor constructed of metal strands, the strands shall either be greater than one-eighth of an inch in diameter (nine gauge) or coated with a material such as plastic or fiberglass; and

(4) The suspended floor of any primary enclosure shall be strong enough so that the floor does not sag or bend between the structural supports.