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30-2601 Definitions and use of terms. Print Friendly
30-2601.01 Guardians and conservators; training curricula. Print Friendly
30-2601.02 Legislative intent. Print Friendly
30-2602 Jurisdiction of subject matter; consolidation of proceedings. Print Friendly
30-2602.01 Ex parte orders; authorized; violation; penalty. Print Friendly
30-2602.02 Guardian or conservator; national criminal history record check; report; waiver by court. Print Friendly
30-2603 Payment or delivery to minor. Print Friendly
30-2604 Delegation of powers by parent or guardian. Print Friendly
30-2605 Status of guardian of minor; general. Print Friendly
30-2606 Testamentary appointment of guardian of minor; notice. Print Friendly
30-2607 Objection by minor of fourteen or older to testamentary appointment. Print Friendly
30-2608 Natural guardians; court appointment of guardian of minor; standby guardian; conditions for appointment; child born out of wedlock; additional considerations; filings. Print Friendly
30-2609 Court appointment of guardian of minor; venue. Print Friendly
30-2610 Court appointment of guardian of minor; qualification; priority of minor's nominee. Print Friendly
30-2611 Court appointment of guardian of minor; procedure. Print Friendly
30-2612 Consent to service by acceptance of appointment; notice. Print Friendly
30-2613 Powers and duties of guardian of minor. Print Friendly
30-2614 Termination of appointment of guardian; general. Print Friendly
30-2615 Proceedings subsequent to appointment; venue. Print Friendly
30-2616 Resignation or removal proceedings. Print Friendly
30-2617 Testamentary appointment of guardian for incapacitated person. Print Friendly
30-2618 Venue. Print Friendly
30-2619 Procedure for court appointment of a guardian or standby guardian of a person alleged to be incapacitated. Print Friendly
30-2619.01 Visitor appointment; conduct evaluation; duties. Print Friendly
30-2619.02 Visitor's evaluation; how conducted. Print Friendly
30-2619.03 Visitor's evaluation report; contents. Print Friendly
30-2619.04 Visitor's evaluation report; responses. Print Friendly
30-2620 Findings; appointment of guardian; authority and responsibility of guardian. Print Friendly
30-2620.01 Attorney, guardian ad litem, physician, and visitor; fees and costs; in forma pauperis proceedings; frivolous actions. Print Friendly
30-2621 Acceptance of appointment; consent to jurisdiction. Print Friendly
30-2622 Termination of guardianship for incapacitated person; liability for prior acts; obligation to account. Print Friendly
30-2623 Removal or resignation of guardian; termination of incapacity. Print Friendly
30-2624 Visitor; qualifications. Print Friendly
30-2625 Notices in guardianship proceedings. Print Friendly
30-2626 Temporary guardians; power of court. Print Friendly
30-2627 Who may be guardian; priorities; bond. Print Friendly
30-2628 General powers, rights, and duties of guardian; inventory. Print Friendly
30-2629 Proceedings subsequent to appointment; venue. Print Friendly
30-2630 Protective proceedings. Print Friendly
30-2630.01 Temporary conservator; power of court. Print Friendly
30-2631 Protective proceedings; jurisdiction of affairs of protected persons. Print Friendly
30-2632 Venue. Print Friendly
30-2633 Original petition for appointment or protective order. Print Friendly
30-2634 Notice; waiver. Print Friendly
30-2635 Protective proceedings; request for notice; interested person. Print Friendly
30-2636 Procedure concerning hearing and order on original petition. Print Friendly
30-2637 Permissible court orders. Print Friendly
30-2638 Protective arrangements and single transactions authorized. Print Friendly
30-2639 Who may be appointed conservator; priorities. Print Friendly
30-2640 Bond. Print Friendly
30-2641 Terms and requirements of bonds. Print Friendly
30-2642 Acceptance of appointment; consent to jurisdiction. Print Friendly
30-2643 Attorney, guardian ad litem, physician, conservator, special conservator, and visitor; compensation and expenses; in forma pauperis proceedings; frivolous actions. Print Friendly
30-2644 Death, resignation, or removal of conservator. Print Friendly
30-2645 Petitions for orders subsequent to appointment. Print Friendly
30-2646 General duty of conservator. Print Friendly
30-2647 Conservator; duties; inventory and records. Print Friendly
30-2648 Accounts. Print Friendly
30-2649 Conservators; title by appointment. Print Friendly
30-2650 Recording of conservator's letters. Print Friendly
30-2651 Encumbrance or transaction involving conflict of interest; voidable; exceptions. Print Friendly
30-2652 Persons dealing with conservators; protection. Print Friendly
30-2653 Powers of conservator in administration. Print Friendly
30-2654 Distributive duties and powers of conservator. Print Friendly
30-2655 Limitation of powers of conservator. Print Friendly
30-2656 Preservation of estate plan. Print Friendly
30-2657 Claims against protected person; enforcement. Print Friendly
30-2658 Individual liability of conservator. Print Friendly
30-2659 Termination of proceeding. Print Friendly
30-2660 Payment of debt and delivery of property to foreign conservator without local proceedings. Print Friendly
30-2661 Domiciliary foreign conservator may file; when; powers. Print Friendly