30-2647. Conservator; duties; inventory and records.

Within thirty days after appointment, every conservator shall prepare and file with the appointing court a complete inventory of the estate of the protected person together with the conservator's oath or affirmation that the inventory is complete and accurate so far as he or she is informed. The conservator shall mail a copy thereof by first-class mail to the protected person, if the protected person can be located and has attained the age of fourteen years, and to all other interested persons as defined in section 30-2601. The conservator shall file with the court a certificate of mailing showing that copies were sent to all interested persons by first-class mail along with a form to send back to the court that indicates if such person wants to continue receiving notifications about the proceedings. Every conservator shall file an updated inventory with the annual accounting required under section 30-2648. The conservator shall keep suitable records of his or her administration and exhibit the same on request of any interested person.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 354, § 265, UPC § 5-418; Laws 2011, LB157, § 44; Laws 2013, LB172, § 3.