30-2602.01. Ex parte orders; authorized; violation; penalty.

During the pendency of any proceeding under sections 30-2601 to 30-2661 after a guardian or conservator is appointed, upon application by any interested person and if the accompanying affidavit of such person or his or her agent shows to the court that the ward's or protected person's safety, health, or financial welfare is at issue, the court may issue ex parte orders to address the situation. Ex parte orders issued under this section shall remain in full force and effect for no more than ten days or until a hearing is held thereon, whichever is earlier. Anyone who violates such order after service shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor. Any interested person that submits an affidavit under this section in bad faith, or submits an affidavit under this section that lacks a factual basis as determined by the court, shall be ordered to pay the opposing party reasonable attorney's fees and costs.

Source:Laws 2011, LB157, ยง 33.