Nebraska Revised Statute 30-2602.02

Chapter 30


Guardian or conservator; national criminal history record check; report; waiver by court.

(1) A person, except for a financial institution as that term is defined in section 8-101.03 or its officers, directors, employees, or agents or a trust company, who has been nominated for appointment as a guardian or conservator shall obtain a national criminal history record check through a process approved by the State Court Administrator and a report of the results and file such report with the court at least ten days prior to the appointment hearing date, unless waived or modified by the court (a) for good cause shown by affidavit filed simultaneously with the petition for appointment or (b) in the event the protected person requests an expedited hearing under section 30-2630.01.

(2) An order appointing a guardian or conservator shall not be signed by the judge until such report has been filed with the court and reviewed by the judge. Such report, or the lack thereof, shall be certified either by affidavit or by obtaining a certified copy of the report. No report or national criminal history record check shall be required by the court upon the application of a petitioner for an emergency temporary guardianship or emergency temporary conservatorship. The court may waive the requirements of this section for good cause shown.