30-2624. Visitor; qualifications.

A visitor shall be trained in law, nursing, social work, mental health, gerontology, or developmental disabilities and shall be an officer, employee, or special appointee of the court with no personal interest in the proceedings.

Any qualified person may be appointed visitor of a proposed ward, except that it shall be unlawful for any owner, part owner, manager, administrator, or employee, or any spouse of an owner, part owner, manager, administrator, or employee of a nursing home, room and board home, convalescent home, group care home, or institution providing residential care to any person with a physical disability, with an intellectual disability, with an infirmity, or who is aged to be appointed visitor of any such person residing, being under care, receiving treatment, or being housed in any such home or institution within the State of Nebraska.

The court shall select the visitor who has the expertise to most appropriately evaluate the needs of the person who is allegedly incapacitated.

The court shall maintain a current list of persons trained in or having demonstrated expertise in the areas of mental health, intellectual disability, drug abuse, alcoholism, gerontology, nursing, and social work, for the purpose of appointing a suitable visitor.

Source:Laws 1974, LB 354, § 242, UPC § 5-308; Laws 1982, LB 428, § 8; Laws 2013, LB23, § 5.