Nebraska Revised Statute 30-2619.03

Chapter 30


Visitor's evaluation report; contents.

The visitor shall file an evaluation report based upon the evaluation of the allegations of incapacity with the court within sixty days of the filing of the guardianship petition. Copies of the evaluation report shall be made available to the guardian ad litem, the proposed ward, and the petitioner. The evaluation report shall contain:

(1) A record of the visitor's interviews;

(2) Evidence obtained in each of the categories listed in section 30-2619.01;

(3) Recommendations as to the need of the proposed ward for a guardian in each of the areas listed in section 30-2619.01;

(4) The visitor's opinion as to the appropriateness of the person seeking appointment as guardian;

(5) Recommendations as to other appropriate candidates; and

(6) The visitor's opinion as to the needed duration of the guardianship.