Nebraska Revised Statute 84-512

Chapter 84


Secretary of State Cash Fund; created; use; investment.

(1) The Secretary of State Cash Fund is created. The State Treasurer shall transfer the balance of the Administration Cash Fund, the Corporation Cash Fund, the Nebraska Collection Agency Fund, the Secretary of State Administration Cash Fund, and the Uniform Commercial Code Cash Fund on July 1, 2021, to the Secretary of State Cash Fund. The fund shall also include fees and revenue collected by the Secretary of State pursuant to sections 13-2525, 21-186, 21-192, 21-205, 21-414, 21-1905, 21-2216, 21-2924, 25-3308, 33-101, 33-102, 45-606, 45-620, 45-806, 48-2609, 52-1004, 52-1312, 52-1313, 52-1316, 52-1602, 64-306, 64-313, 64-405, 64-415, 67-293, 67-462, 69-1204, 69-1206, 71-3204, 77-3903, 81-1921, 81-1922, 84-906.03, 87-130, 87-133, 87-134, and 87-210 to 87-212 and sections 9-525 and 9-528, Uniform Commercial Code, and any other fees and revenue designated for credit to the fund.

(2) The Secretary of State shall use the Secretary of State Cash Fund for the administration of the office of the Secretary of State, including duties of the Secretary of State relating to oaths and bonds under Chapter 11, corporations and other business entities under Chapter 21, address confidentiality under Chapter 42, collection agencies and credit service organizations under Chapter 45, distribution of session laws and legislative journals under Chapter 49, liens, including effective financing statements and the master lien list, under Chapter 52, notaries public under Chapter 64, partnerships under Chapter 67, debt management under Chapter 69, private detectives under Chapter 71, truth and deception examiners under Chapter 81, administrative duties, the Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, and rules and regulations, under Chapter 84, trade names, trademarks, and service marks under Chapter 87, and the Uniform Commercial Code, and any other administrative duties as deemed necessary by the Secretary of State.

(3) Any money in the Secretary of State Cash Fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Capital Expansion Act, see section 72-1269.
  • Nebraska State Funds Investment Act, see section 72-1260.