Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1905

Chapter 21 Section 1905



(a) The Secretary of State shall collect the following fees when the documents described in this subsection are delivered for filing:

(1)(i) Articles of incorporation or (ii) documents relating to domestication...$10.00

(2) Application for reserved name...$25.00

(3) Notice of transfer of reserved name...$25.00

(4) Application for registered name...$25.00

(5) Application for renewal of registered name...$25.00

(6) Corporation's statement of change of registered agent or registered office or both...$5.00

(7) Agent's statement of change of registered office for each affected corporation...$25.00 (not to exceed a total of $1,000)

(8) Agent's statement of fee

(9) Amendment of articles of incorporation...$5.00

(10) Restatement of articles of incorporation with amendments...$5.00

(11) Articles of merger...$5.00

(12) Articles of dissolution...$5.00

(13) Articles of revocation of dissolution...$5.00

(14) Certificate of administrative fee

(15) Application for reinstatement following administrative dissolution...$5.00

(16) Application for reinstatement more than five years after the effective date of an administrative dissolution or administrative revocation...$500.00

(17) Certificate of fee

(18) Certificate of judicial fee

(19) Certificate of authority...$10.00

(20) Application for amended certificate of authority...$5.00

(21) Application for certificate of withdrawal...$5.00

(22) Certificate of revocation of authority to transact fee

(23) Biennial report...$20.00

(24) Articles of correction...$5.00

(25) Application for certificate of good standing...$10.00

(26) Any other document required or permitted to be filed by the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act...$5.00

(i) Amendments...$5.00

(ii) Mergers...$5.00

(b) The Secretary of State shall collect a recording fee of five dollars per page in addition to the fees set forth in subsection (a) of this section, except that there shall be no recording fee collected for the filing of a biennial report required by section 21-19,172.

(c) The Secretary of State shall collect the following fees for copying and certifying the copy of any filed document relating to a domestic or foreign corporation:

(1) $1.00 per page; and

(2) $10.00 for the certificate.

(d) All fees set forth in this section shall be collected by the Secretary of State and remitted to the State Treasurer and credited two-thirds to the General Fund and one-third to the Corporation Cash Fund.