Nebraska Revised Statute 21-192

Chapter 21 Section 192



(1) The filing fee for all filings under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, including amendments and name reservation, shall be ten dollars plus the recording fees set forth in subdivision (4) of section 33-101, except that the filing fee for filing a certificate of organization under section 21-117 and for filing an application for a certificate of authority to transact business in this state as a foreign limited liability company under section 21-156 shall be one hundred dollars plus such recording fees and ten dollars for a certificate. The filing fee for filing a statement of change of address for an agent for service of process shall be ten dollars for each limited liability company or foreign limited liability company for which the agent is designated plus the recording fees set forth in subdivision (4) of section 33-101. There shall be no recording fee collected for the filing of a biennial report required by section 21-125 or any corrections or amendments thereto.

(2) The fee for an application for reinstatement more than five years after the effective date of an administrative dissolution shall be five hundred dollars.

(3) A fee of one dollar per page plus ten dollars per certificate shall be paid for a certified copy of any document on file under the act.

(4) The fees for filings under the act shall be paid to the Secretary of State and remitted by him or her to the State Treasurer. The State Treasurer shall credit two-thirds of the fees to the General Fund and one-third of the fees to the Corporation Cash Fund.