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48-601 Act, how cited. Print Friendly
48-602 Terms, defined. Print Friendly
48-603 Employer, defined. Print Friendly
48-603.01 Indian tribes; applicability of Employment Security Law. Print Friendly
48-604 Employment, defined. Print Friendly
48-605 Commissioner; salary. Print Friendly
48-606 Commissioner; duties; powers; annual report; schedule of fees. Print Friendly
48-606.01 Commissioner; office space; acquire; approval of Department of Administrative Services. Print Friendly
48-607 Rules and regulations; adoption; procedure. Print Friendly
48-608 Commissioner; distribution; duty. Print Friendly
48-609 Personnel; powers of commissioner; bond or insurance; retirement system. Print Friendly
48-610 Repealed. Laws 2009, LB 631, § 15. Print Friendly
48-611 Commissioner; general duties. Print Friendly
48-612 Employers; records and reports required; privileged communications; violation; penalty. Print Friendly
48-612.01 Employer information; disclosure authorized; costs; prohibited redisclosure; penalty. Print Friendly
48-613 Oaths; depositions; subpoenas. Print Friendly
48-614 Subpoenas; contumacy or disobedience; punishable as contempt; penalty. Print Friendly
48-615 Repealed. Laws 1987, LB 277, § 1. Print Friendly
48-616 Commissioner of Labor; cooperation with Secretary of Labor of the United States; duties. Print Friendly
48-617 Unemployment Compensation Fund; establishment; composition; investment. Print Friendly
48-618 Unemployment Compensation Fund; treasurer; accounts; transfer of interest; depositories; Unemployment Trust Fund; investment; bond or insurance. Print Friendly
48-619 Unemployment Trust Fund; withdrawals. Print Friendly
48-620 Unemployment Trust Fund; discontinuance. Print Friendly
48-621 Employment Security Administration Fund; Employment Security Special Contingent Fund; created; use; investment; federal funds; treatment. Print Friendly
48-622 Funds lost and improper expenditures; replacement; reimbursement. Print Friendly
48-622.01 State Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund; created; use; investment; commissioner; powers and duties; cessation of state unemployment insurance tax; effect. Print Friendly
48-622.02 Nebraska Training and Support Cash Fund; created; use; investment; Administrative Costs Reserve Account; created; use. Print Friendly
48-622.03 Nebraska Worker Training Board; created; members; chairperson; annual program plan; report. Print Friendly
48-623 Benefits; how paid. Print Friendly
48-624 Benefits; weekly benefit amount; calculation. Print Friendly
48-625 Benefits; weekly payment; how computed. Print Friendly
48-626 Benefits; maximum annual amount; determination. Print Friendly
48-627 Benefits; eligibility conditions; availability for work; requirements. Print Friendly
48-627.01 Benefits; monetary eligibility; earned wages; adjustment. Print Friendly
48-628 Benefits; conditions disqualifying applicant; exceptions. Print Friendly
48-628.01 Benefits; disqualification; receipt of other unemployment benefits. Print Friendly
48-628.02 Benefits; disqualification; receipt of other remuneration. Print Friendly
48-628.03 Benefits; disqualification; student. Print Friendly
48-628.04 Benefits; disqualification; alien. Print Friendly
48-628.05 Benefits; disqualification; sports or athletic events. Print Friendly
48-628.06 Benefits; disqualification; educational institution. Print Friendly
48-628.07 Benefits; training. Print Friendly
48-628.08 Benefits; disqualification; leave of absence. Print Friendly
48-628.09 Benefits; disqualification; labor dispute. Print Friendly
48-628.10 Benefits; disqualification; discharge for misconduct. Print Friendly
48-628.11 Benefits; disqualification; multiple disqualifications for prohibited acts by employee. Print Friendly
48-628.12 Benefits; disqualification; leave work voluntarily without good cause. Print Friendly
48-628.13 Good cause for voluntarily leaving employment, defined. Print Friendly
48-628.14 Extended benefits; terms, defined; weekly extended benefit amount; payment of emergency unemployment compensation. Print Friendly
48-628.15 Extended benefits; eligibility; seek or accept suitable work; suitable work, defined. Print Friendly
48-628.16 Extended benefits; payments not required; when. Print Friendly
48-628.17 Additional unemployment benefits; conditions; amount; when benefits payable. Print Friendly
48-629 Claims; rules and regulations for filing. Print Friendly
48-629.01 Claims; advisement to claimant; amounts deducted; how treated. Print Friendly
48-630 Claims; determinations by adjudicator. Print Friendly
48-631 Claims; redetermination; time; notice; appeal. Print Friendly
48-632 Claims; determination; notice; persons entitled; employer; rights; duties. Print Friendly
48-633 Repealed. Laws 2012, LB 1058, § 17. Print Friendly
48-634 Administrative appeal; notice; time allowed; hearing; parties. Print Friendly
48-635 Administrative appeal; procedure; rules of evidence; record. Print Friendly
48-636 Administrative appeal; decision; conclusiveness. Print Friendly
48-637 Administrative appeal; decision; effect in subsequent proceeding; certification of question. Print Friendly
48-638 Appeal to district court; procedure. Print Friendly
48-639 Repealed. Laws 1988, LB 352, § 190. Print Friendly
48-640 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB172, § 89. Print Friendly
48-641 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB172, § 89. Print Friendly
48-642 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB172, § 89. Print Friendly
48-643 Witnesses; fees. Print Friendly
48-644 Benefits; payment; appeal not a supersedeas; reversal; effect. Print Friendly
48-645 Benefits; waiver, release, and deductions void; discrimination in hire or tenure unlawful; penalty. Print Friendly
48-646 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB172, § 89. Print Friendly
48-647 Benefits; assignments void; exemption from legal process; exception; child support obligations; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits overissuance; disclosure required; collection. Print Friendly
48-648 Combined tax; employer; payment; rules and regulations governing; related corporations or limited liability companies; professional employer organization. Print Friendly
48-648.01 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB172, § 89. Print Friendly
48-648.02 Wages, defined. Print Friendly
48-649 Combined tax rate. Print Friendly
48-649.01 State unemployment insurance tax rate. Print Friendly
48-649.02 Employer's combined tax rate before benefits have been payable. Print Friendly
48-649.03 Employer's combined tax rate once benefits payable from experience account; experience factor. Print Friendly
48-649.04 State or political subdivision; combined tax; election to make payments in lieu of contributions. Print Friendly
48-650 Combined tax rate; determination of employment; notice; review; redetermination; proceedings; appeal. Print Friendly
48-651 Employer's account; benefit payments; notice; effect. Print Friendly
48-652 Employer's experience account; reimbursement account; combined tax; liability; termination; reinstatement. Print Friendly
48-653 Repealed. Laws 1949, c. 163, § 19. Print Friendly
48-654 Employer's experience account; acquisition by transferee-employer; transfer; contribution rate. Print Friendly
48-654.01 Employer's experience account; transferable; when; violation; penalty. Print Friendly
48-655 Combined taxes; payments in lieu of contributions; collections; setoffs; interest; actions; setoff against federal income tax refund; procedure. Print Friendly
48-655.01 State; jurisdiction over employer; when. Print Friendly
48-655.02 Combined taxes; courts; jurisdiction; actions. Print Friendly
48-656 Combined taxes; report or return; requirements; assessment; notice; protest; penalty. Print Friendly
48-657 Combined tax or interest; default; lien; contracts for public works; requirements. Print Friendly
48-658 Combined tax; transfer of business; notice; succeeding employer's liability; action. Print Friendly
48-659 Combined tax and interest; legal distribution of employer's assets; priorities. Print Friendly
48-660 Combined tax or interest; adjustments; refunds. Print Friendly
48-660.01 Benefits; nonprofit organizations; combined tax; payments in lieu of contributions; election; notice; appeal; lien; liability. Print Friendly
48-661 Employer; election to become subject to Employment Security Law; written election to become or cease to be an employer; termination of coverage. Print Friendly
48-662 State employment service; establishment; functions; funds available; agreements authorized. Print Friendly
48-663 Benefits; prohibited acts by employee; penalty; limitation of time for prosecution. Print Friendly
48-663.01 Benefits; false statements by employee; forfeit; appeal; failure to repay overpayment of benefits; penalty; levy authorized; procedure; failure or refusal to honor levy; liability. Print Friendly
48-664 Benefits; false statements by employer; penalty; failure or refusal to make combined tax payment. Print Friendly
48-665 Benefits; erroneous payments; recovery; setoff against federal income tax refund; procedure. Print Friendly
48-665.01 Benefits; unlawful payments from foreign state or government; recovery. Print Friendly
48-666 Violations; general penalty. Print Friendly
48-667 Commissioner of Labor; civil and criminal actions; representation. Print Friendly
48-668 Unemployment compensation; services performed in another state; arrangements with other states. Print Friendly
48-668.01 Unemployment compensation; services performed in another state; arrangements with other states; alter. Print Friendly
48-668.02 Unemployment compensation; services performed in another state; reimbursements to and from other states. Print Friendly
48-668.03 Unemployment compensation; services performed in foreign country; facilities and services; utilize. Print Friendly
48-669 Repealed. Laws 2017, LB172, § 89. Print Friendly
48-670 Federal law; adjudged unconstitutional, invalid, or stayed; effect. Print Friendly
48-671 City or village; levy a tax; when; limitation. Print Friendly
48-672 Short-time compensation program created. Print Friendly
48-673 Short-time compensation program; terms, defined. Print Friendly
48-674 Short-time compensation program; participation; application; form; contents. Print Friendly
48-675 Short-time compensation program; commissioner; decision; eligibility. Print Friendly
48-676 Short-time compensation program; plan; effective date; notice of approval; expiration; revocation; termination. Print Friendly
48-677 Short-time compensation program; plan; revocation; procedure; grounds; order. Print Friendly
48-678 Short-time compensation program; plan; modification; request; decision; employer; report. Print Friendly
48-679 Short-time compensation program; individual; eligibility. Print Friendly
48-680 Short-time compensation program; weekly benefit amount; provisions applicable to individuals. Print Friendly
48-681 Short-time compensation; charged to employer's experience account. Print Friendly
48-682 Short-time compensation; when considered exhaustee. Print Friendly
48-683 Short-time compensation program; department; funding; report. Print Friendly