Nebraska Revised Statute 48-612.01

Chapter 48


Employer information; disclosure authorized; costs; prohibited redisclosure; penalty.

(1) Information obtained pursuant to subsection (1) of section 48-612 may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

(a) Any claimant or employer or representative of a claimant or employer, as a party before a hearing officer or court regarding an unemployment claim or tax appeal, shall be supplied with information obtained in the administration of the Employment Security Law, to the extent necessary for the proper presentation of the claim or appeal;

(b) The names, addresses, and identification numbers of employers may be disclosed to the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court which may use such information for purposes of enforcement of the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act;

(c) Hearing officer decisions rendered pursuant to the Employment Security Law and designated as precedential by the commissioner on the coverage of employers, employment, wages, and benefit eligibility may be published in printed or electronic format if all social security numbers have been removed and disclosure is consistent with federal and state law;

(d) To a public official for use in the performance of his or her official duties. For purposes of this subdivision, performance of official duties means the administration or enforcement of law or the execution of the official responsibilities of a federal, state, or local elected official. Administration of law includes research related to the law administered by the public official. Execution of official responsibilities does not include solicitation of contributions or expenditures to or on behalf of a candidate for public office or to a political party;

(e) To an agent or contractor of a public official to whom disclosure is permissible under subdivision (d) of this subsection;

(f) For use in reports and publications containing information collected exclusively for statistical purposes under a cooperative agreement with the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. This subdivision does not restrict or impose any condition on the transfer of any other information to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics under an agreement or the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics' disclosure or use of such information; and

(g) In response to a court order.

(2) Information about an individual or employer obtained pursuant to subsection (1) of section 48-612 may be disclosed to:

(a) One who acts as an agent for the individual or employer when the agent presents a written release from the individual or employer, where practicable, or other evidence of authority to act on behalf of the individual or employer;

(b) An elected official who is performing constituent services if the official presents reasonable evidence that the individual or employer has authorized such disclosure;

(c) An attorney who presents written evidence that he or she is representing the individual or employer in a matter arising under the Employment Security Law; or

(d) A third party or its agent carrying out the administration or evaluation of a public program. The third party or agent must obtain a written release from the individual or employer to whom the information pertains. To constitute informed consent, the release shall be signed and shall include a statement:

(i) Specifically identifying the information that is to be disclosed;

(ii) That state government files will be accessed to obtain that information;

(iii) Identifying the specific purpose or purposes for which the information is sought and that information obtained under the release will only be used for that purpose or purposes; and

(iv) Identifying and describing all the parties who may receive the disclosed information.

(3) Information obtained pursuant to subsection (1) of section 48-612 may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

(a) To an individual or employer if the information requested pertains only to the individual or employer making the request;

(b) To a local, state, or federal governmental official, other than a clerk of court, attorney, or notary public acting on behalf of a litigant, with authority to obtain such information by subpoena under state or federal law; and

(c) To a federal official for purposes of unemployment compensation program oversight and audits, including disclosures under 20 C.F.R. part 601 and 29 C.F.R. parts 96 and 97 as they existed on January 1, 2007.

(4) If the purpose for which information is provided under subsection (1), (2), or (3) of this section is not related to the administration of the Employment Security Law or the unemployment insurance compensation program of another jurisdiction, the commissioner shall recover the costs of providing such information from the requesting individual or entity prior to providing the information. Costs shall be recovered unless the costs are nominal or the entity is a governmental agency which the commissioner has determined provides reciprocal services.

(5) Any person who receives information under subsection (1) or (2) of this section and rediscloses such information for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was originally obtained shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, see section 48-1,110.