Introduced Legislation for January 16th, 2020

106th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 7

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Document Primary
LB1022 Hansen, M. Provide for election of election commissioners and eliminate certain deputy positions
LB1023 DeBoer Adopt the Extraordinary Increase in Special Education Cost Act
LB1024 Clements Change provisions of the Intergovernmental Risk Management Act
LB1025 Bolz Create the Tax Credit Buy-Back Program
LB1026 Bolz Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska
LB1027 Lathrop Adopt the County Court Special Proceedings Act
LB1028 Lathrop Change filing procedure for actions in Small Claims Court
LB1029 Lathrop Change requirements for preservation of court records
LB1030 Lathrop Change requirements relating to forfeited recognizances, fines, and costs
LB1031 Lathrop Change provisions relating to probate, testacy, and appointment proceedings
LB1032 Lathrop Change provisions relating to civil judgments
LB1033 Friesen Change the distribution of sales tax revenue and authorize the use of funds for certain infrastructure projects
LB1034 Friesen Extend the application deadline and change certain credits under the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB1035 Friesen Change the number of legislative districts
LB1036 Morfeld Allow persons eighteen years of age to make health care decisions and persons under nineteen years of age in correctional facilities to consent to medical and mental health care
LB1037 Hunt Change provisions relating to household eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
LB1038 Hunt Change provisions relating to eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
LB1039 Cavanaugh Adopt the Hunger-Free Schools Act
LB1040 Vargas Provide for a state food insecurity nutrition incentive grant program
LB1041 Pansing Brooks Change provisions relating to grand jury transcripts
LB1042 La Grone Authorize and provide tax deductions for contributions to the Nebraska educational savings plan trust by employers and persons other than participants as prescribed
LB1043 Hansen, B. Change provisions relating to regulation of health care facilities
LB1044 Hansen, B. Change provisions relating to the practice of medical nutrition therapy
LB1045 Brandt Require the posting and reporting of tax incentive information under the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB1046 Friesen Change provisions relating to taxes and fees on community antenna television service
LB1047 Friesen Change provisions relating to semiannual statements of county treasurers
LB1048 Quick Create the offense of sexual assault by a school employee and provide notification to the Commissioner of Education
LB1049 Bolz Provide for participation in federal Child Care Subsidy child care assistance as prescribed
LB1050 Vargas Appropriate funds to the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
LB1051 Wishart Create the Intergenerational Care Facility Incentive Cash Fund and provide for grants
LB1052 Wishart Change provisions regarding the preferred drug list under the Medical Assistance Act