Introduced Legislation for January 11th, 2018

105th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Day 7

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Document Primary Introducer Description
LB982 Morfeld Provide for persons eighteen years of age or older to consent to certain behavioral health services
LB983 Ebke Change provisions relating to audiovisual court appearances
LB984 Quick Change provisions of the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act relating to special permits and gross proceeds
LB985 Howard Provide for state funding of prenatal care under the medical assistance program
LB986 Hansen Adopt the Neighborhood Improvement District Act and change provisions relating to special assessments for other improvement or development districts as prescribed
LB987 Schumacher Adopt the Uniform Regulation of Virtual-Currency Businesses Act
LB988 Pansing Brooks Adopt an affirmative consent standard with respect to sexual assault
LB989 Wishart Authorize automated-driving-system-equipped vehicles, automated driving systems, and driverless-capable vehicles as prescribed
LB990 Wayne Create the offense of possession of a firearm by a prohibited juvenile offender
LB991 Bolz Create the Nebraska Integrated Education and Training Grant Program
LB992 Bolz Provide for release from a residential lease for a victim of domestic violence and eviction of a perpetrator of domestic violence
LB993 Friesen Add, change, and eliminate provisions relating to 911 service system planning and funding
LB994 Friesen Create the Rural Broadband Task Force and exempt dark fiber from sales tax
LB995 Linehan Require the filing of a statement of financial interests by individuals holding elective office of a school district under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB996 Crawford Change defined terms and other provisions of the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB997 Murante Provide limits on salaries of administrative employees of political subdivisions
LB998 Walz Create the Collaborative School Behavioral and Mental Health Program
LB999 Vargas Change provisions relating to the Student Discipline Act
LR279 Quick Commemorate the 130-year anniversary of the Great Blizzard of 1888 and the heroism of Minnie Freeman
LR280 Stinner Congratulate Mayor Kent Greenwalt for receiving the Star-Herald 2017 Citizen of the Year Award
LR281CA Morfeld Constitutional amendment to state that affordable health care is a right and to expand eligibility under the medical assistance program