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85-1601 Act, how cited.
85-1602 Act, purpose.
85-1603 Terms, defined.
85-1604 Education and schools; exempt from act.
85-1605 Department; administer act; personnel.
85-1606 Board; powers and duties; rules and regulations.
85-1607 Advisory council; members; appointment; term; duties.
85-1608 Private postsecondary career school; minimum standards.
85-1609 Accreditation; effect.
85-1610 Prohibited acts; enumerated.
85-1611 Private postsecondary career school; authority to operate; application; requirements.
85-1612 Commissioner; grant or deny authorization to operate.
85-1613 Authorization to operate; form; contents.
85-1614 Authorization to operate; nontransferable; change in ownership; new authorization.
85-1615 Authorization to operate; renewal; procedure; accreditation required; when.
85-1616 Inaugural authorization to operate; provisional authorization to operate; when applicable.
85-1617 Private postsecondary career school; accreditation; application.
85-1618 Department; accredit private postsecondary career school; when.
85-1619 Commissioner; certificate of accreditation; issuance; period valid; reaccreditation; application; list of schools.
85-1620 School; authority to award associate degrees; commissioner; authorize.
85-1621 School; withdrawal of accreditation or authorization; when; hearing; notice.
85-1622 Agent's permit; application; procedure.
85-1623 Agent's permit; commissioner; grant or deny.
85-1624 Agent's permit; form; contents.
85-1625 Agent's permit; renewal; application.
85-1626 Authorization to operate; agent's permit; application; denial; reasons.
85-1627 Authorization to operate; agent's permit; application; denial; extension of time; when.
85-1628 Agent's permit; denial; notice; reasons.
85-1629 Commissioner decision; person aggrieved; right to hearing and review.
85-1630 Commissioner decision; aggrieved party; hearing and review; notify board.
85-1631 Aggrieved party; hearing; procedure.
85-1632 Hearing; decision; when final; judicial review.
85-1633 Authorization to operate; agent's permit; made conditional or revoked; cause; notice; hearing.
85-1634 Revocation hearing; how conducted; decision; when final; judicial review; notice; to whom given.
85-1635 Complaints of violations; filed; procedure.
85-1636 Complaint; when considered; notice; hearing.
85-1637 Complaint; hearing; violation; actions of board.
85-1638 Appeal; procedure.
85-1639 Bond or security agreement; filed; when; requirements.
85-1640 Agent's permit; application; surety bond; requirements.
85-1641 Surety bond or agreement; release of surety; effect.
85-1642 Authorization to operate or agent's permit; bond or agreement; when required.
85-1643 Private Postsecondary Career Schools Cash Fund; created; use; fees; schedule; no refund.
85-1644 Private postsecondary career school; discontinue operation; transcripts and records; preserved; permanent file maintained by department; fee.
85-1645 Contract or evidence of indebtedness; rights of parties; invalid agreements.
85-1646 Enforceability of contracts and evidence of indebtedness.
85-1647 Lending agency; evidence of indebtedness; marked, Student Loan; liability.
85-1648 Lending agency; subject to defenses and claims.
85-1649 Lending agency, defined.
85-1650 Violation; penalty.
85-1651 Private postsecondary career school; subject to jurisdiction of courts of this state.
85-1652 Attorney General or county attorney; enforce act.
85-1653 Commissioner; file for injunctive relief; when.
85-1654 Tuition Recovery Cash Fund; established; use; investment.
85-1655 Tuition Recovery Cash Fund; administration.
85-1656 Tuition Recovery Cash Fund; assessment; board; powers and duties.
85-1657 Tuition Recovery Cash Fund; claim; statute of limitations.
85-1658 Tuition Recovery Cash Fund; references in advertising or information authorized.