Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1643

Chapter 85


Private Postsecondary Career Schools Cash Fund; created; use; fees; schedule; no refund.

(1) The Private Postsecondary Career Schools Cash Fund is created. All fees collected pursuant to the Private Postsecondary Career School Act shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the fund. The fund shall be used only for the purpose of administering the act. No fees shall be subject to refund.

(2) Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, fees collected pursuant to the act shall be the following:

(a) Initial application for authorization to operate, two hundred dollars plus twenty dollars per program of study offered;

(b) Renewal application for authorization to operate, one hundred dollars plus twenty dollars per program of study offered, except that the board may establish a variable fee schedule based upon the prior school year's gross tuition revenue as provided by the school pursuant to section 85-1656;

(c) Approval to operate a branch facility, one hundred dollars;

(d) Late submission of application, fifty dollars;

(e) Initial agent's permit, fifty dollars;

(f) Agent's permit renewal, twenty dollars;

(g) Accreditation or reaccreditation, one hundred dollars;

(h) Initial authorization to award an associate degree, one hundred dollars;

(i) Significant program change, fifty dollars;

(j) Change of name or location, twenty-five dollars; and

(k) Additional new program, one hundred dollars.

(3) Fees for out-of-state schools may include, but shall not exceed the following:

(a) Certificate of approval to recruit, five hundred dollars annually;

(b) Initial agent's permit, one hundred dollars; and

(c) Agent's permit renewal, forty dollars.

(4)(a) The board shall consult with the advisory council established pursuant to section 85-1607 regarding any increase in fees under the act. Beginning with fiscal year 2006-07 and each year thereafter, the board in consultation with the advisory council shall establish fees sufficient to cover the total cost of administration, except that such fees shall not exceed one hundred ten percent of the previous year's total cost. Such fees shall be set out in the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by the board.

(b) Total cost of administration shall be determined by an annual audit of:

(i) Salaries and benefits or portions thereof for those department employees who administer the act;

(ii) Operating costs such as rent, utilities, and supplies;

(iii) Capital costs such as office equipment, computer hardware, and computer software;

(iv) Costs for travel by employees of the department, including car rental, gas, and mileage charges; and

(v) Other reasonable and necessary costs as determined by the board.