Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1606

Chapter 85


Board; powers and duties; rules and regulations.

The board has the following powers and duties in the administration of the Private Postsecondary Career School Act:

(1) To establish minimum standards in conformity with section 85-1608, including quality of education, ethical and business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility. Applicants for authorization to operate or for an agent's permit shall meet minimum standards before such authorization or permit may be issued or to continue such authorization or permit in effect. The standards to be developed under this subdivision shall be such as will effectuate the purposes of the act but will not unreasonably hinder legitimate educational innovation;

(2) To receive, investigate as it may deem necessary, and act upon applications for authorization to operate a private postsecondary career school and applications for an agent's permit;

(3) To maintain a list of private postsecondary career schools authorized to operate in this state and agents' permits which shall be available for the information of the public;

(4) To receive and cause to be maintained as a permanent file copies of records in conformity with section 85-1644;

(5) To establish fees for applications for authorization to operate, for agent's permits, and for accreditation. The fees shall be not more than the amount necessary to cover the cost of administration of the act; and

(6) To adopt and promulgate rules, regulations, and procedures necessary and appropriate for the conduct of its work and the implementation of the act.


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