Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1656

Chapter 85


Tuition Recovery Cash Fund; assessment; board; powers and duties.

(1) The board shall annually assess each private postsecondary career school one-tenth of one percent of the prior school year's gross tuition revenue until the Tuition Recovery Cash Fund reaches the minimum fund level. The fund shall be maintained at a minimum of two hundred fifty thousand dollars and a maximum of five hundred thousand dollars. At any time when the fund drops below the minimum level, the board may resume the assessment. Funds in excess of the maximum level shall be used as directed by the board to provide grants or scholarships for students attending private postsecondary career schools.

(2) The board shall require documentation from each private postsecondary career school to verify the tuition revenue collected by the school and to determine the amount of the assessment under this section.

(3) Any private postsecondary career school applying for authorization to operate from the commissioner or any other agency after September 9, 1993, shall not be assessed under this section for the first year of operation but shall be assessed each year thereafter for four years or until the fund reaches the minimum level required by this section, whichever occurs last, and shall maintain the surety bond or other security required by section 85-1639 until such time.

(4) The authorization to operate of any private postsecondary career school which fails to comply with this section shall be subject to revocation.