Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1611

Chapter 85


Private postsecondary career school; authority to operate; application; requirements.

Each private postsecondary career school desiring authorization to operate in this state shall make application to the department upon forms to be provided by the department. The application shall be accompanied by descriptive literature published or proposed to be published by the school containing the information specified in the department's rules and regulations. The application shall include the identification of any branch facility or separate classroom. A facility which does not meet the criteria provided in subdivision (5) of section 85-1603 is not a branch facility and shall be considered a separate private postsecondary career school requiring separate authorization. A separate classroom shall not require separate authorization. The application shall also be accompanied by the application fee provided in section 85-1643. Until the Tuition Recovery Cash Fund initially reaches the minimum fund level prescribed in section 85-1656, the application shall be accompanied by a surety bond as provided in section 85-1639.


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