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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB1 Executive Board: Wightman, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal sections governing settlement escrow that terminated July 1, 2004
LB2 Executive Board: Wightman, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal the Nebraska Transit and Rail Advisory Council Act that terminated June 30, 2005
LB3 Executive Board: Wightman, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal the Nebraska Venture Capital Forum Act that terminated December 31, 2003
LB4 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Change the rate of jury compensation to minimum wage
LB5 Christensen Passed Authorize counties to prohibit trapping wildlife in county road rights-of-way and eliminate a penalty
LB6 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Authorize school permitholders to drive to work
LB7 Wightman Passed Provide a residency requirement for clerks of the district court
LB8 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change fees received by clerks and registers of deeds
LB9 Wightman Passed Exempt from sales and use taxes wood and corn used as fuel and mineral oil applied as a dust suppressant
LB10 Langemeier Indefinitely postponed Provide for specialty license plates
LB11 Langemeier Passed Change provisions of the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB12 Langemeier Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds to the Department of Natural Resources
LB13 White Indefinitely postponed Change and rename the Property Tax Credit Act
LB14 White Indefinitely postponed Provide energy conservation standards for certain state buildings
LB15 White Indefinitely postponed Require driver's license and Internet address information as part of sex offender registration
LB16 White Passed Adopt the Taxpayer Transparency Act
LB17 White Indefinitely postponed Provide for a tuition waiver for combat-injured veterans
LB18 Christensen Withdrawn Prohibit irrigation of certain educational lands
LB19 Christensen Indefinitely postponed Change marriage license fee provisions and provide for marriage education
LB20 Harms Passed Change provisions of the Access College Early Scholarship Program Act
LB21 Harms Indefinitely postponed Rename and change provisions of the Nebraska Scholarship Act
LB22 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change tax levy authority of educational service units and school districts
LB23 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change membership provisions of the Nebraska Investment Council
LB24 Friend Passed Change provisions relating to work done on radiological instruments by the Military Department
LB25 Friend Indefinitely postponed Provide for licensure of and medicaid payments to children's day health services
LB26 Friend Indefinitely postponed Change the priority of liens for special assessments
LB27 Pahls Passed Change the Medical Assistance Act and the Autism Treatment Program Act
LB28 Pahls Passed Authorize the issuance of undercover license plates and driver's licenses to federal law enforcement agencies
LB29 Pahls Passed Change branch office management requirements under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB30 Pahls Passed Change provisions of the Nebraska Real Estate License Act
LB31 Pahls Passed Change Public Accountancy Act provisions
LB32 Pahls Passed Change provisions relating to unauthorized use of the word bank
LB33 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Change county zoning provisions with respect to density of population
LB34 Ashford Indefinitely postponed Require employment verification of employees by employers and by contractors who want to be awarded a public contract
LB35 Ashford Passed Change legal process regarding limited liability companies, courts, civil and criminal procedure, grants, estates, real estate, adoption, foster care, juveniles, court appointed special advocates, and administrative hearings and change fees
LB36 Flood Passed Change method and procedure for inflicting the death penalty
LB37 Flood Indefinitely postponed Appropriate funds for a new division of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing in Norfolk
LB38 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change assault, assault on an officer, and offenses by a confined person provisions
LB39 Flood Indefinitely postponed Adopt new rules of evidence relating to sexual offenses
LB40 Flood Indefinitely postponed Correct references to statutory provisions in civil procedure statutes
LB41 Flood Indefinitely postponed Clarify references to the county sheriff
LB42 Flood Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to rural water districts
LB43 Flood Indefinitely postponed Eliminate the Department of Natural Resources Interstate Water Rights Cash Fund
LB44 Flood Indefinitely postponed Correct a definition and eliminate obsolete statutory references in revenue provisions
LB45 Flood Indefinitely postponed Eliminate references to a fund that terminated
LB46 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Provide for costs and expenses of estate administration
LB47 Wightman Indefinitely postponed Change the amount of the intestate share of the surviving spouse
LB48 Fischer Passed Adopt updated federal motor carrier safety and hazardous material regulations
LB49 Fischer Passed Require titling and registration of motor vehicles and motorboats be performed by county treasurers
LB50 Fischer Passed Change provisions relating to motor vehicle manufacturers
LB51 Fulton Indefinitely postponed Provide for confidentiality of Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court documents and information
LB52 Fischer Passed Change employment qualifications relating to county veterans service offices
LB53 Fischer Passed Change provisions relating to formation, territory, and the operating area of public power districts
LB54 Fischer Passed Change integrated management plan provisions under the Nebraska Ground Water Management and Protection Act
LB55 Fischer Passed Change qualifications for office for county attorneys
LB56 Fischer Passed Change the Livestock Waste Management Act
LB57 Louden Indefinitely postponed Exempt repairs and parts for agricultural machinery or equipment from sales and use taxes
LB58 Louden Indefinitely postponed Exempt heating oil or propane used for residential heating purposes from sales and use taxes
LB59 Louden Indefinitely postponed Increase liquor taxes and adopt the Citizen Safety Grant Fund Program Act
LB60 Adams Passed Redefine abandoned vehicle
LB61 Adams Passed Change certification dates for state aid to schools
LB62 Adams Passed Change enrollment option program provisions
LB63 Friend Passed Change provisions and penalties relating to assault, firearms and other weapons, graffiti, gang affiliation, juveniles, bail, jailhouse informers, appeals, violence prevention, prisoner employment, and dating violence policies
LB64 Howard Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Lindsay Ann Burke Act and provide duties for the State Department of Education and school districts with respect to dating violence
LB65 Dubas Indefinitely postponed Exempt agricultural machinery repair parts from sales tax
LB66 Rogert Indefinitely postponed Change limits on contributions and gifts under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act
LB67 Friend Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Act
LB68 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Provide procedures for closure of state residential facilities for persons with developmental disabilities
LB69 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Exclude military retirement benefits from income taxation as prescribed
LB70 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Exclude military retirement benefits from income taxation as prescribed
LB71 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Require animal care professionals to report cases of animal abandonment, cruel neglect, or cruel mistreatment
LB72 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Provide for management of students' and children's life-threatening allergies
LB73 Cornett Indefinitely postponed Ratify the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
LB74 Pirsch Passed Authorize pledging of Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka letters of credit as security for private deposits
LB75 Pirsch Passed Change provisions relating to automatic teller machine usage and fees
LB76 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Authorize the aggregation of amounts under forgery in the second degree and criminal possession of a forged instrument
LB77 Gay Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to income tax credits and long-term care insurance
LB78 Gay Indefinitely postponed Provide for deposit of inmate wages into the Victim's Compensation Fund
LB79 Pirsch Indefinitely postponed Change when a county attorney files a child support order modification complaint
LB80 Nelson Passed Change the Uniform Principal and Income Act
LB81 Nordquist Indefinitely postponed Change contribution provisions of the Nebraska State Patrol Retirement Act
LB82 Howard Indefinitely postponed Require notification of change in a juvenile's case manager under the Nebraska Juvenile Code
LB83 McGill Indefinitely postponed Provide for the care of domestic animals in protection orders
LB84 McGill Passed Eliminate the termination date for the Women's Health Initiative Advisory Council
LB85 McGill Passed Authorize urban growth districts and provide bond authority
LB86 Wallman Indefinitely postponed Change the Capitol Landscape Restoration Master Plan
LB87 Pahls Passed Change provisions relating to the effects of errors and omissions in financing statements
LB88 Pahls Indefinitely postponed Change provisions relating to unauthorized use of the word bank
LB89 Cornett Passed Change tax calculations under the Tobacco Products Tax Act
LB90 Heidemann Passed Eliminate certain requirements regarding audiovisual court appearances
LB91 Howard Passed Provide for a subsidized adoption of a child who was under a subsidized guardianship prior thereto
LB92 Howard Passed Require vehicles to move over upon approaching stopped emergency and road assistance vehicles
LB93 Howard Indefinitely postponed Prohibit smoking in a motor vehicle with an occupant under sixteen years of age
LB94 Howard Passed Authorize late homestead exemption applications for medical reasons
LB95 Howard Indefinitely postponed Prohibit violators of immigration laws from receiving certain tax incentives
LB96 Heidemann Indefinitely postponed Eliminate obsolete provisions relating to the State Energy Office Cash Fund