Nebraska Revised Statute 60-393

Chapter 60


Multiple vehicle registration.

Any owner who has two or more motor vehicles or trailers required to be registered under the Motor Vehicle Registration Act may register all such motor vehicles or trailers on a calendar-year basis or on an annual basis for the same registration period beginning in a month chosen by the owner. When electing to establish the same registration period for all such motor vehicles or trailers, the owner shall pay the registration fee, the motor vehicle tax imposed in section 60-3,185, the motor vehicle fee imposed in section 60-3,190, and the alternative fuel fee imposed in section 60-3,191 on each motor vehicle for the number of months necessary to extend its current registration period to the registration period under which all such motor vehicles or trailers will be registered. Credit shall be given for registration paid on each motor vehicle or trailer when the motor vehicle or trailer has a later expiration date than that chosen by the owner except as otherwise provided in sections 60-3,121, 60-3,122.02, 60-3,122.04, 60-3,128, 60-3,224, 60-3,227, 60-3,233, 60-3,235, 60-3,238, 60-3,240, 60-3,242, 60-3,244, 60-3,246, 60-3,248, 60-3,250, 60-3,252, 60-3,254, 60-3,256, and 60-3,258. Thereafter all such motor vehicles or trailers shall be registered on an annual basis starting in the month chosen by the owner.