Nebraska Revised Statute 39-205

Chapter 39


Informational signs; business signs; posted by department; costs and fees; disposition; notice of available space.

(1) Applicants for business signs shall furnish business signs to the Department of Transportation and shall pay to the department an annual fee for posting each business sign and the actual cost of material for, fabrication of, and erecting the specific information sign panels where specific information sign panels have not been installed.

(2) Upon receipt of the business signs and the annual fee, the department shall post or cause to be posted the business signs where specific information sign panels have been installed. The applicant shall not be required to remove any advertising device to qualify for a business sign except any advertising device which was unlawfully erected or in violation of section 39-202, 39-203, 39-204, 39-205, 39-206, 39-215, 39-216, or 39-220, any rule or regulation of the department, or any federal rule or regulation relating to informational signs. The specific information sign panels and business signs shall conform to the requirements of the Federal Beautification Act and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices adopted pursuant to section 60-6,118.

(3) All revenue received for the posting or erecting of business signs or specific information sign panels pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the Highway Cash Fund, except that any revenue received from the annual fee and for posting or erecting such signs in excess of the state's costs shall be deposited in the General Fund.

(4) For purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) Business sign means a sign displaying a commercial brand, symbol, trademark, or name, or combination thereof, designating a motorist service. Business signs shall be mounted on a rectangular information panel; and

(b) Specific information sign panel means a rectangular sign panel with:

(i) The word gas, food, attraction, lodging, or camping;

(ii) Directional information; and

(iii) One or more business signs.

(5) The department shall provide notice of space available for business signs on any specific information sign panel at least ninety days prior to accepting or approving the posting of any business sign.