Nebraska Revised Statute 38-136

Chapter 38


Examinations; passing score; reexaminations.

(1) In the absence of any specific requirement or provision relating to any particular profession:

(a) The appropriate board may specify the passing score on credentialing examinations;

(b) An examinee who fails a credentialing examination may retake the entire examination or the part failed upon payment of the cost of retaking the examination; and

(c) The department shall withhold from the credentialing fee submitted by an examinee the cost of any national examination used when an examinee fails a credentialing examination and shall return to the examinee the remainder of the credentialing fee collected subject to section 38-156, except that:

(i) If a state-administered jurisprudence portion of the credentialing examination was failed, the examinee may retake that portion without charge; and

(ii) If any component of a national examination was failed, the examinee shall be charged the cost for retaking such examination.

(2) A person who desires to take an examination but does not wish to receive a credential may take such examination by meeting the examination eligibility requirements and paying the cost of the examination.