Nebraska Revised Statute 38-156

Chapter 38


Administrative and other fees; amount.

(1) The department shall retain a twenty-five-dollar administrative fee from each credentialing fee established under section 38-155 for a denied credential or a withdrawn application, except that (a) if the credentialing fee is less than twenty-five dollars, the fee shall be forfeited and (b) an examination fee shall not be returned.

(2) The department shall collect fees for services as follows:

(a) Ten dollars for a duplicate original or reissued credential;

(b) Twenty-five dollars for certification of a credential pursuant to section 38-125;

(c) Five dollars for verification of a credential pursuant to section 38-125; and

(d) A reinstatement fee of thirty-five dollars in addition to the renewal fee to reinstate an expired or inactive credential for professions specified in section 38-121.