Nebraska Revised Statute 38-137

Chapter 38


Examinations; records maintained; eligibility.

(1) All questions, the answer key, and the examinees' answers connected with any examination for credentialing shall be maintained by the department, national organization, or testing service for a period of two years from the date of administration of the examination.

(2) When national examinations are accepted for credentialing, the department shall obtain from the national organization or testing service documentation that the examination development and maintenance process meets generally accepted standards for test development and maintenance.

(3) The department, with the recommendation of the appropriate board, may:

(a) Specify credentialing examination application procedures;

(b) Provide for the review of procedures for the development of examinations;

(c) Provide for the administration of all or separate components of examinations; and

(d) Protect the security of the content of examination questions and answers.

(4) The appropriate board may specify eligibility for taking the credentialing examination. In determining such eligibility, the board shall consider the practices of other states but shall determine such eligibility standards based on the extent to which completion of a course of study prior to examination is necessary to assure that applicants for credentials meet minimum standards of proficiency and competency for the protection of the health and safety of the public.