Nebraska Revised Statute 20-113

Chapter 20


Protection of civil rights; incorporated cities; ordinances; county; resolutions; powers; jurisdiction; revocation of liquor license, when.

Any incorporated city may enact ordinances and any county may adopt resolutions which are substantially equivalent to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act, the Nebraska Fair Housing Act, and sections 20-126 to 20-143 and 48-1219 to 48-1227 or which are more comprehensive than such acts and sections in the protection of civil rights. No such ordinance or resolution shall place a duty or liability on any person, other than an employer, employment agency, or labor organization, for acts similar to those prohibited by section 48-1115. Such ordinance or resolution may include authority for a local agency to seek an award of damages or other equitable relief on behalf of the complainant by the filing of a petition in the district court in the county with appropriate jurisdiction. The local agency shall have within its authority jurisdiction substantially equivalent to or more comprehensive than the Equal Opportunity Commission or other enforcement agencies provided under such acts and sections and shall have authority to order backpay and other equitable relief or to enforce such orders or relief in the district court with appropriate jurisdiction. Certified copies of such ordinances or resolutions shall be transmitted to the commission. When the commission determines that any such city or county has enacted an ordinance or adopted a resolution that is substantially equivalent to such acts and sections or is more comprehensive than such acts and sections in the protection of civil rights and has established a local agency to administer such ordinance or resolution, the commission may thereafter refer all complaints arising in such city or county to the appropriate local agency. All complaints arising within a city shall be referred to the appropriate agency in such city when both the city and the county in which the city is located have established agencies pursuant to this section. When the commission refers a complaint to a local agency, it shall take no further action on such complaint if the local agency proceeds promptly to handle such complaint pursuant to the local ordinance or resolution. If the commission determines that a local agency is not handling a complaint with reasonable promptness or that the protection of the rights of the parties or the interests of justice require such action, the commission may regain jurisdiction of the complaint and proceed to handle it in the same manner as other complaints which are not referred to local agencies. In cases of conflict between this section and section 20-332, for complaints subject to the Nebraska Fair Housing Act, section 20-332 shall control.

Any club which has been issued a license by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to sell, serve, or dispense alcoholic liquor shall have that license revoked if the club discriminates because of race, color, religion, sex, familial status as defined in section 20-311, disability as defined in section 20-308.01, or national origin in the sale, serving, or dispensing of alcoholic liquor to any person who is a guest of a member of such club. The procedure for revocation shall be as prescribed in sections 53-134.04, 53-1,115, and 53-1,116.

Cross References

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act, see section 48-1001.
  • Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act, see section 48-1125.
  • Nebraska Fair Housing Act, see section 20-301.