Nebraska Revised Statute 53-134.04

Chapter 53


Violations by retail licensee or bottle club licensee; complaints of residents; hearings.

Any five residents of the city or village shall have the right to file a complaint with the local governing body of such city or village stating that any retail licensee or bottle club licensee subject to the jurisdiction of such local governing body has been or is violating any provision of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act or the rules or regulations issued pursuant to the act. Such complaint shall be in writing in the form prescribed by the local governing body and shall be signed and sworn to by the parties complaining. The complaint shall state the particular provision, rule, or regulation believed to have been violated and the facts in detail upon which belief is based. If the local governing body is satisfied that the complaint substantially charges a violation and that from the facts alleged there is reasonable cause for such belief, it shall set the matter for hearing within ten days from the date of the filing of the complaint and shall serve notice upon the licensee of the time and place of such hearing and of the particular charge in the complaint. The complaint shall in all cases be disposed of by the local governing body within thirty days from the date the complaint was filed by resolution thereof, which resolution shall be deemed the final order for purposes of appeal to the commission as provided in section 53-1,115.