Nebraska Revised Statute 48-1219

Chapter 48


Discriminatory wage practices based on sex; policy.

(1) The practice of discriminating on the basis of sex by paying wages to employees of one sex at a lesser rate than the rate paid to employees of the opposite sex for comparable work on jobs which have comparable requirements:

(a) Unjustly discriminates against the person receiving the lesser rate;

(b) Leads to low worker morale, high turnover, and frequent labor unrest;

(c) Discourages workers paid at the lesser wage rates from training for higher level jobs;

(d) Curtails employment opportunities, decreases workers' mobility, and increases labor costs;

(e) Impairs purchasing power and threatens the maintenance of an adequate standard of living by such workers and their families;

(f) Prevents optimum utilization of the state's available labor resources; and

(g) Threatens the well-being of citizens of this state, and adversely affects the general welfare.

(2) It is therefor declared to be the policy of this state through exercise of its police power to correct and, as rapidly as possible, to eliminate discriminatory wage practices based on sex.


  • Laws 1969, c. 389, § 1, p. 1365.