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Search for statute range from 69-2301 to 69-2314
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69-2301 Act, how cited.
69-2302 Terms, defined.
69-2303 Personal property remaining on premises; landlord; duties; notice; contents; delivery.
69-2304 Notice; statement required.
69-2305 Notice; form.
69-2306 Landlord; property; removal and storage; liability.
69-2307 Landlord; release of personal property; when.
69-2308 Sale of personal property; when required; notice of sale; requirements; disposition of proceeds.
69-2309 Release or disposition of personal property; liability of landlord.
69-2310 Costs of storage; how assessed.
69-2311 Residential landlord; surrender personal property to residential tenant; conditions; applicability of section.
69-2312 Landlord retaining personal property; civil action authorized.
69-2313 Lost personal property; disposition; liability.
69-2314 Remedy; not exclusive.