69-2311. Residential landlord; surrender personal property to residential tenant; conditions; applicability of section.

A residential landlord shall surrender to a residential tenant or to a residential tenant's duly authorized representative any personal property not owned by the landlord which has been left on the premises after the tenant has vacated the residential premises and the return of which has been requested by the tenant or by the authorized representative of the tenant if:

(1) The tenant requests in writing, within fourteen days of vacating the premises, the surrender of the personal property and the request includes a description of the personal property held by the landlord and specifies the mailing address of the tenant;

(2) The landlord or the landlord's agent has control or possession of such personal property at the time the request is received;

(3) The tenant, prior to the surrender of the personal property by the landlord and upon written demand by the landlord, tenders payment of all reasonable costs associated with the landlord's removal and storage of the personal property. The landlord's demand for payment of reasonable costs associated with the removal and storage of personal property shall be in writing and shall either be mailed to the tenant at the address provided pursuant to subdivision (1) of this section or shall be personally presented to the tenant or to the tenant's authorized representative within five days after the actual receipt of the tenant's request for surrender of the personal property, unless the property is returned first. The demand shall itemize all charges, specifying the nature and amount of each item of cost; and

(4) The tenant agrees to claim and remove the personal property at a reasonable time mutually agreed upon by the landlord and tenant but not later than seventy-two hours after the tender provided for under subdivision (3) of this section.

This section shall not apply to the rental of a self-service storage unit or facility.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 36, § 11; Laws 1993, LB 617, § 2.