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25-2901 Act, how cited.
25-2902 Legislative findings.
25-2903 Terms, defined.
25-2904 Office of Dispute Resolution; established; director; qualifications; duties.
25-2905 Advisory Council on Dispute Resolution; created; members.
25-2906 Council; members; terms; vacancy; officers.
25-2907 Council; powers and duties; members; expenses.
25-2908 Director; duties.
25-2909 Grants; application; contents; approved centers; reports.
25-2910 Approved center; funding; fees.
25-2911 Restorative justice programs and dispute resolution; types of cases; referral of cases.
25-2912 Restorative justice or dispute resolution process; procedures.
25-2912.01 Restorative justice practices, restorative justice services, or restorative justice programs; activities to repair harm.
25-2912.02 Best practices; policies and procedures.
25-2913 Mediators and restorative justice facilitators; qualifications; compensation; powers and duties.
25-2914 Confidentiality; exceptions.
25-2914.01 Verbal, written, or electronic communication; confidentiality; privileged; disclosure; when; activities of juvenile; limit on evidence.
25-2915 Immunity; exceptions.
25-2916 Agreement; contents.
25-2917 Tolling of civil statute of limitations; when.
25-2918 Rules and regulations.
25-2919 Application of act.
25-2920 Director; report.
25-2921 Dispute Resolution Cash Fund; created; use; investment.