25-2911. Dispute resolution; types of cases; referral of cases.

(1) The following types of cases may be accepted for dispute resolution at an approved center:

(a) Civil claims and disputes, including, but not limited to, consumer and commercial complaints, disputes between neighbors, disputes between business associates, disputes between landlords and tenants, and disputes within communities;

(b) Disputes concerning child custody, parenting time, visitation, or other access and other areas of domestic relations;

(c) Juvenile offenses and disputes involving juveniles; and

(d) Contested guardianship and contested conservatorship proceedings.

(2) An approved center may accept cases referred by a court, an attorney, a law enforcement officer, a social service agency, a school, or any other interested person or agency or upon the request of the parties involved. A case may be referred prior to the commencement of formal judicial proceedings or may be referred as a pending court case. In order for a referral to be effective, all parties involved must consent to such referral. If a court refers a case to an approved center, the center shall provide information to the court as to whether an agreement was reached. If the court requests a copy of the agreement, the center shall provide it.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 90, § 11; Laws 2007, LB554, § 25; Laws 2011, LB157, § 2.