Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2908

Chapter 25 Section 2908


Director; duties.

Consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Dispute Resolution Act and in consultation with the council, the director shall:

(1) Make information on the formation of centers available statewide and encourage the formation of centers;

(2) Approve centers which meet requirements for approval;

(3) Develop a uniform system of reporting and collecting statistical data from approved centers;

(4) Develop a uniform system of evaluating approved centers;

(5) Prepare a yearly budget for the implementation of the act and distribute funds to approved centers;

(6) Develop guidelines for a sliding scale of fees to be charged by approved centers;

(7) Develop curricula and initiate training sessions for mediators and staff of approved centers and of courts;

(8) Establish volunteer training programs;

(9) Promote public awareness of the dispute resolution process;

(10) Apply for and receive funds from public and private sources for carrying out the purposes and obligations of the act; and

(11) Develop a uniform system to create and maintain a roster of mediators for juvenile offender and victim mediation, as provided in section 43-245, and centers approved under section 25-2909. The roster shall be made available to courts and county attorneys.


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