Introduced Legislation for January 6th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 3

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Document Introducer Description
LB102 Hilkemann Change a penalty relating to tampering with witnesses or informants
LB103 Murante Change provisions relating to accelerated or differentiated curriculum and require establishment of focus groups
LB104 Bolz Adopt the Health Care Surrogacy Act
LB105 Brasch Change provisions relating to personal property exemptions in cases of forced sale on execution or attachment
LB106 Brasch Change provisions relating to parental rights of a child conceived as a result of sexual assault
LB107 Crawford Prohibit sexual assault of a patient, client, or student as prescribed
LB108 Crawford Require guidelines to ensure safety of minor or dependent whose parent or guardian is arrested
LB109 Blood Provide for a temporary teaching certificate or permit for military spouses
LB110 Kolterman Change duties and requirements relating to certain retirement plan reporting and change duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Public Employees Retirement Board
LB111 Hansen Provide for nonpartisan election of county officers
LB112 Hansen Permit registered voters moving within Nebraska without reregistering to vote provisionally
LB113 Hansen Change population threshold provisions relating to municipalities and eliminate obsolete provisions
LB114 Craighead Change provisions relating to motor vehicle lighting requirements
LB115 Harr Direct the Nebraska Tourism Commission to provide for certain uses of a fund
LB116 Harr Redefine automobile liability policy and change coverage provisions
LB117 Hilkemann Adopt the Investigational Drug Use Act
LB118 Hilkemann Adopt the Education Savings Account Act and provide income tax adjustments
LB119 Groene Change dates related to certifications and distributions of state aid to schools
LB120 Schumacher Provide for Medical Assistance Act coverage for family planning services as prescribed
LB121 Brewer Change provisions relating to the taxation of military benefits
LB122 Pansing Brooks Provide for family member visitation petitions
LB123 Pansing Brooks Provide for reimbursement when certain postsecondary institutions terminate operations
LB124 Baker Increase the probationary period of community college staff
LB125 Brasch Change application and fee requirements for feedlots and dairies registered under the Livestock Brand Act
LB126 Groene Change sunset dates under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act and the Nebraska Advantage Act
LB127 Groene Change notice requirements under Open Meetings Act
LB128 Groene Change eligibility provisions relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
LB129 Morfeld Increase the earned income tax credit
LB130 Urban Affairs Committee Change municipal annexation provisions relating to certain districts
LB131 Urban Affairs Committee Change provisions relating to urban growth districts and urban growth bonds and refunding bonds
LB132 Urban Affairs Committee Change provisions relating to improvement districts and extraterritorial zoning jurisdictions
LB133 Urban Affairs Committee Change and eliminate provisions regarding cities of the second class and villages
LB134 Brasch Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act and eliminate the Nebraska Graded Egg Act
LR5 Larson Congratulate the O'Neill Public High School football team for winning the Class C-1 state championship