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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB734A Hunt Passed Appropriation Bill
LB740 Executive Board: Hilgers, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal obsolete provisions relating to transfers of funds
LB741 Executive Board: Hilgers, Chairperson Passed Revisor bill to repeal obsolete provisions relating to the Subsidized Employment Pilot Program
LB742 Blood Referral Change penalty, sentencing, and hearing application provisions relating to offenses against animals
LB743 Blood Referral Adopt updated electrical standards
LB744 Blood Referral Authorize appointment of county engineer in certain counties and change powers and duties
LB745 Blood General File Provide duties for law enforcement and prosecutors regarding federal immigration forms relating to victims of certain crimes
LB746 Blood Referral Adopt the Nebraska Consumer Data Privacy Act
LB747 Blood Referral Change the definition of microbusiness under the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act
LB748 Blood Referral Adopt the Fertility Fraud Act
LB749 Blood Referral Adopt the Nebraska Anti-Terrorism Act
LB750 Blood Referral Prohibit discrimination based on military or veteran status
LB751 Blood General File Provide for a mental health exception to compulsory education requirements
LB752 Blood Referral Provide duties and programs relating to veterans
LB753 Blood Referral Adopt the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact
LB754 Blood Withdrawn Provide for a new certificate of birth and amendment of a certificate of birth
LB755 Blood Referral Provide for and change home services permits for barbers, cosmetology, and nail technology
LB756 Blood Referral Authorize persons eighteen years of age or older to buy and sell stocks and bonds
LB757 Blood Referral Prohibit certain fraudulent acts under the Nebraska Criminal Code and the Insurance Fraud Act
LB758 Scheer General File Name the State Capitol courtyards
LB759 Kolterman Referral Require consultation with school districts regarding placement of children
LB760 Kolterman General File Require health carriers to provide coverage for asynchronous review by a dermatologist by way of telehealth
LB761 Dorn Referral Change motor vehicle registration fees and provide funding for the simulation in motion program
LB762 Dorn Referral Provide for transfers to the Hall of Fame Trust Fund
LB763 Dorn General File Change provisions relating to certain payments of funds to townships
LB764 Lindstrom General File Change investment provisions for fiduciaries
LB765 Lindstrom Withdrawn Eliminate a duty of the Attorney General with respect to prosecution of certain workers' compensation report violations
LB766 Lindstrom Referral Prohibit sexual assault of a minor by an authority figure, change statute of limitations for failure to make a report of child abuse or neglect, and change provisions relating to sexual offenses
LB767 Lindstrom General File Change provisions on breach of warranty on improvements to real property and provisions under the Nebraska Condominium Act
LB768 Albrecht General File Adopt and update references to federal transportation laws
LB769 Gragert General File Change provisions relating to membership on the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission
LB770 Gragert Final Reading Provide for state park permits for disabled veterans and change nonresident fees for state park permits
LB771 Gragert Referral Change a one-license-plate registration provision
LB772 Williams Referral Change the scope of practice for physician assistants
LB773 Williams Referral Appropriate funds for the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Fund
LB774 Williams Referral Change requirements regarding credit for reinsurance
LB775 Williams General File Change Real Property Appraiser Act provisions
LB776 DeBoer Referral Allow expert testimony on eyewitness identification and memory
LB777 DeBoer Referral Provide for set-asides of infractions and violations of city and village ordinances and county resolutions
LB778 Stinner Referral State intent regarding appropriations for the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act
LB779 Stinner Referral State intent regarding appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB780 Stinner Referral Change provisions relating to appropriations from the Nebraska Arts and Humanities Cash Fund
LB781 Stinner General File Provide for annual continuing education for treasurers of certain local governments and provide a duty for the Auditor of Public Accounts
LB782 Stinner General File Change certified public accountant examination provisions
LB783 Lowe Referral Change the definition of ambulatory surgical center
LB784 Friesen Referral Change provisions regarding odometer statements
LB785 Friesen General File Change vehicle size, weight, and load provisions, provide for stinger-steered automobile transporters and towaway trailer transporter combinations, and define emergency vehicle
LB786 Lathrop Referral Change rules on the use of restrictive housing and require screenings of inmates for serious mental illness, developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries
LB787 Lathrop Withdrawn Construe applicability of certain uninsured and underinsured motor vehicle insurance coverages
LB788 Slama General File Change and eliminate provisions relating to the Department of Labor
LB789 Slama Referral Change school bus stop signal arm violation provisions
LB790 Slama E and R Initial Change the Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act and certain state bidding requirements and contract approval procedures
LB791 Slama Referral Change provisions of the Livestock Animal Welfare Act relating to ownership, possession, or seizure of animals
LB792 Slama Referral Allow for the combination or aggregation of cocaine, base cocaine, heroin, amphetamine or methamphetamine amounts for two or more controlled substance violations
LB793 Slama Referral Change penalty and statute of limitation provisions relating to public assistance violations
LB794 Hansen, M. Referral Adopt the Missing Middle Housing Act and provide zoning regulation requirements for certain cities
LB795 Hansen, M. General File Change provisions relating to enterprise zones
LB796 Hansen, M. Referral Change provisions relating to claims against a city of the primary class
LB797 Hansen, M. General File Change restrictions on municipal annexation
LB798 Brandt Referral Provide for the anonymity of certain state lottery prize winners
LB799 Urban Affairs Committee General File Change provisions relating to cities of the primary class
LB800 Urban Affairs Committee General File Provide for the applicability of state and local construction codes
LB801 Urban Affairs Committee General File Change and eliminate provisions of the Community Development Law
LB802 Hughes Referral State a legislative finding and declaration relating to the right to use ground water
LB803 Hughes General File Adopt the Pulse Crop Resources Act and harmonize other provisions of law
LB804 Wayne Referral Provide for insurance coverage of epinephrine autoinjectors
LB805 Wayne General File Provide an income tax deduction for certain wages paid to individuals convicted of a felony
LB806 Wayne Referral Exempt social security benefits and retirement benefits from taxation as prescribed
LB807 La Grone General File Change a duty of the Auditor of Public Accounts relating to government auditing standards
LB808 La Grone Referral Provide for ratification of defective corporate actions under the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act
LB809 Wayne General File Adopt 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code standards
LB810 McCollister Referral Impose sales tax on bottled water, candy, and soft drinks
LB811 McCollister Referral Change pharmacist reporting requirements under the Parkinson's Disease Registry Act
LB812 McCollister Referral Change acceptable ranges and authorize orders for rehearings under the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act
LB813 Bolz Referral State intent regarding appropriations for apprenticeships and provide powers for the Department of Labor
LB814 Geist Referral Prohibit dismemberment abortion
LB815 Morfeld Referral Prohibit certain section 1115 waivers under the Medical Assistance Act
LB816 McCollister Referral Provide for information and training on firearm safety and suicide prevention and place restrictions and requirements on certain transfers of firearms
LB817 Stinner Referral Adopt the Prescribing Psychologist Practice Act
LB818 Brewer Referral Adjust the nameplate capacity tax for inflation
LB819 Brewer Referral Change provisions relating to the taxation of benefits received under the federal Social Security Act
LB820 Brewer General File Change required information on the voter registration application
LB821 Brewer General File Change provisions relating to city or village planning commission meetings
LB822 Brewer General File Change recall petition and election provisions
LB823 Brewer Referral Provide for a special election prior to the exercise of eminent domain for transmission lines in certain circumstances
LB824 Hunt General File Change provisions related to state and local building codes
LB825 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions relating to infant health screenings
LB826 Hilkemann Referral Provide for and eliminate transfers from the Charitable Gaming Operations Fund
LB827 Hilkemann Referral Appropriate funds to the Department of Health and Human Services
LB828 Hilkemann Referral Change provisions relating to the scope of practice of a licensed optometrist
LB829 Erdman Referral Change provisions relating to certain in lieu of tax payments made by the Game and Parks Commission
LB830 Erdman Referral Change provisions relating to the establishment of speed limits by local authorities
LB831 Bostelman General File Change certificate of title provisions for a junked vehicle
LB832 Bostelman General File Provide immunity for removal of a child from a motor vehicle
LB833 Crawford Referral Exclude certain elderly care programs from the Health Care Facility Licensure Act
LB834 Arch Referral Change provisions of the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act
LB835 Halloran General File Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB836 Arch Referral Change provisions governing certain contracts and agreements relating to the medical assistance program
LB837 Arch Referral Change provisions relating to background checks under the Child Care Licensing Act and the Children's Residential Facilities and Placing Licensure Act
LB838 Arch Referral Provide an exemption from licensure under the Medicine and Surgery Practice Act
LB839 Wishart Referral Recognize American Sign Language and provide for the teaching of American Sign Language in schools
LB840 Quick General File Prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices as prescribed under the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act
LB841 Crawford Referral Change provisions relating to certain certifications for homestead exemptions
LB842 Crawford Referral Change provisions relating to motor vehicle tax imposed on military servicemembers
LB843 Cavanaugh Referral Provide for Donate Life license plates
LB844 Clements Referral Eliminate certain notice requirements relating to construction liens
LB845 Groene Referral Change procedures for water augmentation projects under an integrated management plan
LB846 Quick Referral Change provisions relating to compensation under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act
LB847 Arch Referral Change requirement for dispensing drugs in certain health care facilities
LB848 Pansing Brooks General File Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day
LB849 Pansing Brooks General File Change eligibility requirements under the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Act
LB850 Pansing Brooks General File Authorize placement of a monument to the First Regiment Nebraska Volunteer Infantry at Fort Donelson National Battlefield
LB851 McCollister Referral Change provisions relating to eligibility for services under the Medical Assistance Act
LR279CA Scheer General File Constitutional amendment to authorize an increase in the number of members of the Legislature
LR280CA Wayne Referral Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three consecutive terms
LR281CA McCollister Referral Constitutional amendment to allow the Legislature to enact legislation authorizing courts to reduce sentences
LR282 Erdman Referral Recognize Harold Dean Thayer as the original creator of the Tin Roof Sundae and declare the Tin Roof Sundae to be the sundae of the State of Nebraska
LR283CA Brewer Referral Constitutional amendment to change qualifications of electors
LR284CA La Grone Referral Constitutional amendment to eliminate the state income tax over a four-year period
LR285CA Brewer Referral Constitutional amendment to provide for use of lottery proceeds for prison overcrowding prior to use for the Nebraska Environmental Trust Act
LR286CA Cavanaugh Referral Constitutional amendment to remove felony convictions other than treason from being a disqualification for voting
LR287 Erdman Recognize the outstanding aviation achievements of King Robert Rhiley, Jr.
LR288 Slama Referral Urge Congress and the United States Corps of Engineers to prioritize flood control as a top priority for the management of water systems under their authority in the Missouri River Mainstream Reservoir System Water Control Manual