LB808 - Change provisions relating to accountants, provide for the ratification of defective corporate actions under the Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act, adopt the Uniform Trust Decanting Act, change provisions relating to actions on breach of warranty on improvements to real property and change provisions under the Nebraska Condominium Act, change and eliminate provisions relating to the Real Property Appraiser Act, redefine the term security to include certain student loans under the Public Funds Deposit Security Act, and provide an exemption to the Nebraska Real Estate License Act as prescribed

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History   View Details

Date Action Journal Vote
Mar 11, 2020 Lindstrom AM2875 filed 919
Mar 09, 2020 Enrollment and Review ER196 filed 880
Mar 09, 2020 Placed on Select File with ER196 880
Mar 05, 2020 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 841 Vote
Mar 05, 2020 Lindstrom AM2750 adopted 841 Vote
Mar 05, 2020 Lindstrom AM2675 withdrawn 840
Mar 05, 2020 Banking, Commerce and Insurance AM2559 adopted 840 Vote
Mar 04, 2020 Lindstrom AM2750 filed 820
Feb 27, 2020 Lindstrom AM2675 filed 779
Feb 26, 2020 Banking, Commerce and Insurance AM2559 filed 750
Feb 26, 2020 Placed on General File with AM2559 750
Feb 19, 2020 Williams priority bill 657
Jan 28, 2020 Notice of hearing for February 10, 2020 454
Jan 10, 2020 Referred to Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee 213
Jan 08, 2020 Date of introduction 159