Nebraska Revised Statute 86-437

Chapter 86


Service supplier; surcharges; remittance; record; audit; report; commission; duties; administrative fine.

(1) The amount of service surcharges collected in one calendar quarter by a service supplier shall be remitted to the governing body no later than sixty days after the close of that calendar quarter. At the time of the remittance, the service supplier shall file a return for the remittance with the governing body in such form as the governing body and the service supplier agree upon. The service supplier shall maintain a record of the amount of service surcharges collected. The record shall be maintained for a period of one year after the date the amount was billed. A governing body may at its own expense require an annual audit of a service supplier's books and records concerning the collection and remittance of a service surcharge.

(2) On or before April 30 of each year, each service supplier shall report for the preceding calendar year to the Public Service Commission for each of its exchanges (a) whether 911 service or E-911 service is provided in that exchange, (b) the level of the service surcharge, (c) to which governing body the service surcharge is being submitted, and (d) the amount of revenue collected by the service surcharge.

(3) The commission shall compile and place the information from such reports required in subsection (2) of this section into its annual telecommunications report to the Legislature, including the availability and location of 911 service and E-911 service in the State of Nebraska.

(4) The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out subsections (2) and (3) of this section.

(5) The commission may administratively fine pursuant to section 75-156 any person who violates the Emergency Telephone Communications Systems Act.


Cross References

  • Annual report to Legislature, see section 86-163.