Nebraska Revised Statute 86-436

Chapter 86


Surcharges; service user; service supplier; duties; collection.

(1) A service user shall pay service surcharges in each 911 service area where the service user has its primary place of use and receives 911 service, except that an individual service user shall not be required to pay on a single periodic billing service surcharges on more than one hundred telephone numbers or functional equivalents in any single 911 service area. Every service user shall be liable for any service surcharge billed to such user until the surcharge has been paid to the service supplier.

(2) The duty of a service supplier to bill a service surcharge to a service user shall commence at such time as may be specified by the governing body. A service surcharge shall be collected as far as practicable at the same time as and along with the charges for service in accordance with the regular billing practice of the service supplier.

(3) A service supplier shall have no obligation to take any legal action to enforce the collection of any service surcharge imposed pursuant to section 86-435. Such action may be brought by or on behalf of the governing body imposing the charge or the separate legal entity formed pursuant to such section. A service supplier shall annually provide the governing body a list of the amounts uncollected along with the names and addresses of those service users who carry a balance that can be determined by the service supplier to be for nonpayment of any service surcharge. The service supplier shall not be liable for such uncollected amounts.