Nebraska Revised Statute 86-163

Chapter 86


Commission; duties.

The commission shall file with the Clerk of the Legislature an annual report on or before September 30 of each year on the status of the Nebraska telecommunications industry. The report shall be submitted in electronic format. The report shall:

(1) Describe the quality of telecommunications service being provided to the citizens of Nebraska;

(2) Describe the availability of diverse and affordable telecommunications service to all of the people of Nebraska;

(3) Describe the level of telecommunications service rates;

(4) Describe the use and continued need for the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund;

(5) Describe the availability and location of 911 service and E-911 service as required by section 86-437;

(6) Describe the availability and location of wireless 911 service or enhanced wireless 911 service as required by section 86-460;

(7) Address the need for further legislation to achieve the purposes of the Nebraska Telecommunications Regulation Act;

(8) Address the funding level of the Nebraska Competitive Telephone Marketplace Fund and an accounting of commission expenses related to its duties under section 86-127; and

(9) Assess, based on information provided by public safety answering points, the level of wireless E-911 location accuracy compliance for wireless carriers.