Nebraska Revised Statute 86-123

Chapter 86


Quality and rate regulation; appeal.

(1) The commission shall regulate the quality of telecommunications service provided by telecommunications companies and shall investigate and resolve subscriber complaints concerning quality of telecommunications service, subscriber deposits, and disconnection of telecommunications service. If such a complaint cannot be resolved informally, then, upon petition by the subscriber, the commission shall set the matter for hearing in accordance with the commission's rules and regulations for notice and hearing. The commission may by order grant or deny, in whole or in part, the subscriber's petition or provide such other relief as is reasonable based on the evidence presented at the hearing. Any such order of the commission may be enforced against any telecommunications company as provided in sections 75-140 to 75-144, and such order may be appealed by an interested party. The appeal shall be in accordance with section 75-136.

(2) The commission may regulate telecommunications company rates pursuant to sections 86-139 to 86-157.

(3) The Nebraska Telecommunications Regulation Act shall preempt and prohibit any regulation of a telecommunications company by counties, cities, villages, townships, or any other local governmental entity.