Nebraska Revised Statute 86-122

Chapter 86


Interconnection agreements; administrative fine.

(1) The commission shall implement the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, as such act existed on January 1, 2002, including section 252 of the act which establishes specific procedures for negotiation and arbitration of interconnection agreements between telecommunications companies. Interconnection agreements approved by the commission pursuant to section 252 of the act may contain such enforcement mechanisms and procedures that the commission determines to be consistent with the establishment of fair competition in Nebraska telecommunications markets.

(2) The commission shall not mandate any arrangement that requires interconnecting telecommunications companies to engage in mutual recovery of costs through offsetting of reciprocal obligations. This subsection shall not prohibit telecommunications companies from entering into voluntary agreements to engage in such an agreement.

(3) In addition, the commission may administratively fine pursuant to section 75-156 any person who violates any enforcement mechanism or procedure established pursuant to this section. The authority granted to the commission pursuant to this section shall be broadly construed in a manner consistent with the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.