Nebraska Revised Statute 86-124

Chapter 86


Nonregulated activities; section, how construed.

(1) The commission shall not regulate the following:

(a) One-way broadcast or cable television transmission of television or radio signals;

(b) Mobile radio services, radio paging services, and wireless telecommunications service;

(c) Interexchange services; and

(d) Internet-protocol-enabled service and voice over Internet protocol service, including rates, service or contract terms, conditions, or requirements for entry for such service.

(2) This section shall not affect or modify:

(a) The enforcement of criminal or civil laws, including, but not limited to, laws concerning consumer protection and unfair or deceptive trade practices which apply generally to the conduct of business;

(b)(i) Any entity's obligations or rights or commission authority under section 86-122 and under 47 U.S.C. 251 and 252, as such sections existed on January 1, 2019, and (ii) any carrier-to-carrier tariff rates, service quality standards, interconnection agreements, or other obligations for which the commission has jurisdiction under state or federal law;

(c) Any requirement to contribute to any fund administered by the commission authorized by the Enhanced Wireless 911 Services Act or the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Act;

(d) Any commission jurisdiction over intrastate switched access rates, terms, and conditions, including the resolution of disputes arising from, and implementation of federal and state law with respect to, intercarrier compensation;

(e) The eligibility and requirements for the receipt of funds from the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund and the rules, regulations, and orders under the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Act or the receipt of funds from the federal universal service fund, regardless of the unregulated status of the provider's service under this section; and

(f) Any entity's rights and obligations with respect to (i) registration under section 86-125, (ii) the use of public streets, roads, highways, and rights-of-way, or (iii) a certificate of public convenience and necessity or a permit.


Cross References

  • Enhanced Wireless 911 Services Act, see section 86-442.
  • Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Act, see section 86-316.