Nebraska Revised Statute 79-850

Chapter 79


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 79-850 to 79-858:

(1) Reorganized school district means: (a) Any expanded or altered school district, organized or altered by any of the means provided by Nebraska law including, but not limited to, the methods provided by the Reorganization of School Districts Act, the Learning Community Reorganization Act, or section 79-407, 79-413, 79-415, or 79-473; or (b) any school district to be formed in the future if the petition or plan for such reorganized school district has been approved pursuant to any of the methods set forth in subdivision (1)(a) of this section when the effective date of such reorganization is prospective. For purposes of this subdivision, a petition or plan shall be deemed approved when the last legal action has been taken, as prescribed in section 79-413 or 79-450, necessary to effect the changes in boundaries as set forth in the petition or plan; and

(2) Unified system means a unified system as defined in section 79-4,108 recognized by the State Department of Education pursuant to subsection (3) of such section, which employs certificated staff.


Cross References

  • Learning Community Reorganization Act, see section 79-4,117.
  • Reorganization of School Districts Act, see section 79-432.