Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1308

Chapter 77


Destroyed real property; property owner; file report; form; county board of equalization; duties.

(1) If real property becomes destroyed real property during the current assessment year, the property owner shall file a report of the destroyed real property with the county assessor and county clerk of the county in which the property is located on or before July 15 of the current assessment year. The report of destroyed real property shall be made on a form prescribed by the Tax Commissioner.

(2) If the destroyed real property was a mobile home that was moved pursuant to section 77-3708 and required to pay an accelerated tax pursuant to section 77-1725.01, the property owner shall report the destroyed real property on or before July 15 in the same manner as other real property. The property owner may make a request for refund of the accelerated tax paid pursuant to section 77-1734.01 for any portion of value reduced by the county board of equalization pursuant to section 77-1309.

(3) The county board of equalization shall consider any report of destroyed real property received pursuant to this section, and the assessment of such property shall be made by the county board of equalization in accordance with section 77-1309. After county board of equalization action pursuant to section 77-1309, the county assessor shall correct the current year's assessment roll as provided in section 77-1613.02.