Nebraska Revised Statute 77-3708

Chapter 77


Mobile home; movement on road or highway; permit; conditions.

A mobile home may not be moved upon any road or highway in the state without first obtaining a movement permit as required by law for the movement of any oversize vehicle. No movement permit shall be issued by any governmental agency charged with issuance thereof unless a tax certificate issued by the county treasurer showing payment of all taxes due or to become due because of the location of such mobile home in such county on assessment day is displayed by the owner. A tax certificate shall not be required if the movement contemplated is between a manufacturer and a licensed dealer or between two licensed dealers or between a licensed dealer's place of business or storage area and a bona fide customer to whom title to the mobile home has passed or does pass within a reasonable time after movement. For the purposes of this section, taxes and fees shall include those of all governmental subdivisions. Nothing in this section shall alter or amend any other existing regulations, rules, or statutes governing the movement of mobile homes.