Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1734.01

Chapter 77


Refund of tax paid; claim; verification required; county board approval.

(1) In the case of an amended federal income tax return or whenever a person's return is changed or corrected by the Internal Revenue Service or other competent authority that decreases the Nebraska adjusted basis of the person's taxable tangible personal property, the county treasurer shall refund that portion of the tax paid that is in excess of the amount due after the amendment or correction.

(2) In case of payment made of any property taxes or any payments in lieu of taxes with respect to property as a result of a clerical error or honest mistake or misunderstanding, on the part of a county or other political subdivision of the state or any taxpayer, or accelerated tax paid for real property that was later adjusted by the county board of equalization under sections 77-1307 to 77-1309, the county treasurer to whom the tax was paid shall refund that portion of the tax paid as a result of the clerical error or honest mistake or misunderstanding or that portion of the tax paid that is in excess of the amount due after the adjustment under sections 77-1307 to 77-1309. A claim for a refund pursuant to this section shall be made in writing to the county treasurer to whom the tax was paid within three years after the date the tax was due or within ninety days after filing the amended return or the correction becomes final.

(3) Before the refund is made, the county treasurer shall receive verification from the county assessor or other taxing official that such error or mistake was made, such adjustment was made, or the amended return was filed or the correction made, and the claim for refund shall be submitted to the county board. Upon verification, the county board shall approve the claim. The refund shall be made in the manner prescribed in section 77-1736.06. Such refund shall not have a dispositional effect on any similar refund for another taxpayer. This section may not be used to challenge the valuation of property, the equalization of property, or the constitutionality of a tax.



  • This section does not alter the common-law rule that taxes paid pursuant to an error of law are not recoverable. Kaapa Ethanol v. Board of Supervisors, 285 Neb. 112, 825 N.W.2d 761 (2013).

  • A request for refund of invalid tax or one paid as a result of clerical error must be by a written claim upon which the county board acts quasi-judicially, and upon request for declaratory relief on ground resolution for refund was invalid, refusal thereof was within discretion of district court where there was no showing such claim had not been filed. Svoboda v. Hahn, 196 Neb. 21, 241 N.W.2d 499 (1976).

  • The term clerical error herein is not restricted to a clerical error made by a taxpayer on the face of a personal property tax return. School Dist. of Minatare v. County of Scotts Bluff, 189 Neb. 395, 202 N.W.2d 825 (1972).