Nebraska Revised Statute 76-807

Chapter 76


Common elements; not subject to partition or liens; treatment; rules against perpetuities and unreasonable restraints on alienation; not applicable.

The common elements, both general and limited, shall remain undivided and shall not be the object of an action for partition or division of the co-ownership. Any covenant to the contrary shall be void. The rules of property known as the rule against perpetuities and the rule restricting unreasonable restraints on alienation shall not be applied to defeat any of the provisions of the Condominium Property Act or the bylaws of the association of co-owners adopted pursuant to the provisions of such act. The common elements, both general and limited, shall not, in whole or in part, be separately conveyed, mortgaged, or foreclosed nor may liens of any description be applicable to such elements, or parts of such elements, alone. A valid lien for authorized labor and materials shall lie against the apartment of any co-owner affected but not against the common elements. For condominiums created in this state before January 1, 1984, the construction and validity of the master deed and bylaws provided in section 76-840 shall apply to the extent necessary in construing the provisions of sections 76-827, 76-829 to 76-831, 76-840, 76-841, 76-869, 76-874, 76-876, 76-884, and 76-891.01, and subdivisions (a)(1) to (a)(6) and (a)(11) to (a)(16) of section 76-860 which apply to events and circumstances which occur after January 1, 1984.