Nebraska Revised Statute 72-412

Chapter 72 Section 412


Boards; powers and duties.

The boards created and governed by sections 72-407 to 72-420 shall be bodies corporate and politic, and may sue and be sued, may contract or be contracted with; may acquire, hold, mortgage, and convey property, real or personal, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of acquiring abandoned federal fort sites and preserving, restoring, or developing the same in keeping with the intent and purpose of the sections above specified; may take private property for public use in acquiring such fort sites; may exercise the power of eminent domain so granted in the manner set forth in sections 76-704 to 76-724; may exercise all ancillary powers to carry into force and effect all powers granted in general terms; may adopt bylaws not inconsistent with the sections above specified to assist them in carrying out their functions and duties specifically granted herein; may receive and safeguard donations, gifts in cash or its equivalent, and donations in trust subservient to the uses stipulated by donors; may cooperate with and enter into contracts with the United States of America or any of its bureaus, divisions, or agencies, for the acquisition, restoration, development, and maintenance of abandoned fort sites, for the repair of existing buildings, and for the construction of buildings and other improvements thereon; may issue membership or foundation certificates, and receive the proceeds thereof under such terms and conditions as provided in the bylaws; and may issue revenue bonds for the purpose of effectuating the intent of the sections above specified in such method or manner as the bylaws shall provide.


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