Nebraska Revised Statute 72-420

Chapter 72


Board; bond; fund; created; disbursements; how made.

The trustees composing the board shall each give a surety bond in the sum of one thousand dollars running to the county as obligee, conditioned upon the faithful performance of their duties and responsibilities as provided in sections 72-407 to 72-420 and under the bylaws adopted pursuant to such sections. The bond, when approved by the county attorney of the county as to form and substance, shall be filed and kept current in the office of the county clerk. All donations, gifts, or other money that comes into the hands of the board under the terms of such sections shall be forthwith delivered to the county treasurer who shall deposit, safeguard, and disburse the same from a fund of the county to be known as the Fort ............. Fund. The county treasurer shall make disbursements from such fund only upon receipt of a proper warrant or voucher signed by the chairperson and attested by the secretary of the board. The board shall issue no voucher for the payment of any money from such fund unless there is presented to it a request for payment or reimbursement duly verified by the oath of the requester and unless the request so verified is approved by the affirmative action of two-thirds of the members-elect of the board at a regular meeting.


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