Nebraska Revised Statute 72-407

Chapter 72


Federal forts; preservation, restoration and development board; membership.

Upon filing, with the Governor, a petition signed by one hundred qualified electors of any county wherein is situated in whole or in part an abandoned federal fort suitable for preservation as a historical site for memorial and state park purposes, praying for the creation and establishment of Fort ......... Preservation, Restoration and Development Board, hereinafter called board, the Governor shall, within thirty days after receiving such petition, select two residents of the county wherein the fort site, or a major portion of the fort site, is located, and one resident of an adjoining county, who shall act as trustees on the board. The Governor shall notify in writing forthwith the first trustees selected by him to serve on the board, by communication addressed through the mail to each of them. The Governor shall forward a copy of his letters of appointment to the county treasurer of the county in which the fort or a major portion of the fort site is located, who acts as treasurer ex officio of the board as provided in section 72-416.


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